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Friendly, professional and fast.

Accuracy and maximization of tax returns guaranteed!

Certified experience, available year-round to answer your questions. Inquire via e-mail: info@tangibleservices.ca, phone: +1 800.479.1203, +1 647.361.2735, +1 613.266.1726 (WhatsApp) or Live Chat with us. All you need is an internet connection or a phone

Our mission

Our Mission

To offer accessible, efficient and accurate tax return preparation services.
Our vision

Our Vision

To keep an strategically mature mission that helps our clients be efficiently profitable.

Our Tax Return Preparation Services

Except for the forms that are required on paper, we work on a as paperless as possible plan, to help preserve our planet. Our general aproach to preparing your tax return is noted by 3 main steps:

  1. You authorize us to represent you to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), so that we can see what is needed.
  2. We send/give you a checklist of what is needed, so that you can provide the required information to us.
  3. We do the work, go over the result with you, and ask you to sign what needs to be signed.

We are here to help. Each tax return has full support for 6 years, including being there if the CRA selects your return for an audit.

Hire Us

Hire Us

If your tax return has extraordinary elements, schedule an appointment, call or chat. We'll do the rest.

Business Tax Returns

Business Tax Returns

More than 12 years of experience from a dedicated team ready with solutions for you.

Corporate Tax Returns

Corporate Tax Returns

Friendly, professional and accountable. Secure services guard your data. Hire us!

Let us deliver the right solution for you and your business.

From your office, or ours, HyFlex gives us the ability to provide the correct Tax Return solution for you. We also have bookkeeping services to make sure all your numbers ar inline with CRA, and we'll show you ways to streamline the rocords gathering and keeping process.
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