Support Policy

1       Summary

This document is a part of our Terms of Service (TOS) and Privacy Policy (PPOL). For details of the respective documents you may visit the following web pages:

The purchase or use of our products or services indicates that you have read and accepted our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Thus, by purchasing or using our products or services, you also indicate that you have read and accepted our Support Policy.

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2       Which Services We Support:

We only provide support for our services. This includes getting set-up with the service, problems using the service features, and any bugs or fixes that may appear. We strongly recommend checking the related Documentations and our Knowledge-Base sections. Support for third-party services (like payment processing) is an interaction between you (the user) and the payment processing provider.

2.1       1-hour free consultation

This is a great opportunity to see if our services and the manner in which we provide them are a match to your needs.

2.2       Tax Return Preparation

Each Tax Return prepared carries with it 7 years of support, and audit support (if requested).

2.3        Bookkeeping

Accuracy is warrantied

2.4       Educational and Training Services

  • Each program will carry its specific support policy
  • Unless otherwise written, access to educational and training material is treated as lifetime access.
  • Support for the learning material and process is given during the duration of the program and/or course.

2.5       Computer and Network Services

  • Hardware is warrantied at manufactory level.
  • Software is warrantied at author’s level.
  • Labor is warrantied at 3 months from the date of installation or 1st service.


Except for the 1-hour free consultation, support is available to paying customers with active subscriptions. Tangible Services is not obligated to provide support, access to downloads or any other services being offered in the subscription beyond the end of the term indicated by your subscription or type of service. If your subscription has expired and you need support, you must renew your subscription. Tangible Services is not obligated to provide support for at the "end of Product's Lifetime."


We DO NOT support third party software and plug-ins, and any other services that are not directly related to our services.


Here is a guideline to give you examples of what we support and DO NOT support:

Service Type


Support Level


Tax Return Preparation

·      7 years of support from the date your tax return is filed

·      Audit support (if/when requested)




Educational and Training Services

Depend in the course, program and/or service purchased.




Computer and Network Services

Depend on the service, but generally labour is warrantied at 90 days from the date the service was purchased, and parts are warranted by the manufacturer.



Maybe, Maybe Not


Accuracy is warrantied based on the information and items provided. Nonetheless, if we notice something is missing we will request it from you.



Maybe, Maybe Not


Register on our website, purchase a service and/or product from us. After verifying your purchase, we will provide you a support.

    1. DOCUMENTATIONS:Please make sure you have read the online Documentations. Each product/service has its own online Documentation, guide and/or Instructions.
    2. KNOWLEDGE BASE:Before contacting us, please checked our "Knowledge Base" and forums sites. You may find "Known Issues", "Tips", "Frequently Asked Questions", "Tutorials" and other type of help, without the need to wait for one of us to be available.
    3. SUPPORT FORUM:You can reach out for support/collaboration on our "Support Forum" and community pages.
    4. LIVE SUPPORT SERVICE (POPUP CHAT):Our Live Support Service (popup chat window at bottom-right, or bottom-left of website) is also another way to get support from us. If we are away from the desk, or if you reach us after our working hours, you will have the option to send us an email through that system. We reply within 48 hours.


  1. SEARCH BEFORE POSTING:Always perform a Forum Search before you post, it’s very possible your issue has already been brought up and has been answered.
  2. CHOOSE RELEVANT CATEGORY:Before posting please choose a relevant category to post.
    • Your question or problem.
    • Your Name and email addresss (if you are registered, your user name will provide this info).
  4. MAKE THE POST TITLE MEANINGFULLy related to the question/issue
  5. FEEL FREE TO HELP OTHERS:The support forums are where helpful members of the Tangible Services Team (including the Author) can assist you. However, feel free to help others if you know the answer.
  6. BE CONSIDERATE and cordial:Be considerate to each other and to support representatives. We answer questions as quickly as we can, but remember, we may be in a different time zone than you, we have to sleep, and sometimes take a break. We want to keep our forums and community pages a safe friendly place.
  1. SUPPORT PERIOD:Support is provided Monday to Friday excluding holidays, from 09:00 - 17:00 (GMT -5:00). During this time, we make it our goal to respond as immediate as possible, depending on the number of requests in a queue. However, there may times that we will need to respond within 48 hours. We will advise you is this is the case.

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